Cosy Hands offers the perfect parent and baby massage classes, either through our 4 week course in a relaxed group setting (up to 6 parents) or through 1-2-1 sessions in your home and are suitable for babies aged between 6 weeks until crawling age.

I offer classes at:

Rougemont School, Newport.

 Booking is required.

My name is Emma Bidhendy, qualified massage therapist and founder of Cosy Hands Baby Massage. I’m a busy mum of two children (12 and 6) and wife to my wonderfully supportive husband, Alex. As my main job I work as a Maternity & Breastfeeding Support Worker, something I absolutely love and have done for almost 20 years. Meeting lots of new (and veteran!) parents from all walks of life and and being able to help with the first stages of such an important new chapter in their lives is immensely rewarding; Cosy Hands is something that has come as a natural extension of this, not just as a complement to traditional post-natal care but as a way of helping to develop strong bonds between parent and baby in a natural and organic way.

Many of us will know the benefits that massage has in our adult lives; I am passionate about the positive effects that massage can have in early life for both babies and parents.

Touch is a primary human need; skin-to-skin contact is proven to raise Oxytocin levels (AKA “the bonding hormone”) in both parent and baby and our massage courses help to develop growth physically, emotionally and mentally. It is also known to naturally stimulate brain development in infants, leading to a better understanding of your baby’s “cues” (ie, knowing when he or she is tired or unwell, or when they are especially happy and content). Amongst these and many other benefits, as your baby engages with your throughout the treatment you are likely to notice the following:

  • Focused attention
  • Eased discomfort and greater relaxation / reduced stress
  • Improvements to baby’s digestive system which can help to relieve colic and constipation
  • Improved sleep (all round!)
  • Improved bonding – helping your baby to feel secure, safe and loved

I really look forward to meeting you on one of our courses and helping you to start this special journey with your baby.



Additional information about baby massage and its benefits (published by the Federation of Holistic Therapists) can be found here.